Online Reputation

How Online Reputation Experts Handle Reputation Problems

Online reputation managers are able to help repair a company’s search engine reputation

Bad news can have a surprisingly strong effect on the public’s perception of your business. For various reasons, negative content can easily gain traction, and are often shared widely.

The last thing you want to see is a negative review of your company climbing to the top of Google’s search rankings where hundreds, if not thousands, of potential consumers will have their first impression of your business.  In my practise, I offer several solutions to this problem.

1) A complete removal of the search result. This is often asked by clients but like all commons wishes this is also hard to achieve. De-indexing will take a team of experts and technology to assess how to get Google to block a certain piece of content, often from a wider website.

2) When someone types your brand-name, product or name. You want to make that first impression as positive and memorable as you can. 98% of people will not even go to the 2nd page of google. So we use a technique called reverse seo to push down negative results and push content we control in order to give you a positive PR.

Reverse SEO, is a technique that allows negative stories and posts to be pushed down in Google’s search results. The more a page is pushed back in Google’s search results, the fewer consumers will read it. Many people never bother to go beyond the first page of the search giant’s results when they are looking for a product or service.

3) Often Google will also direct people towards the negative content by suggestions in the auto complete. This has perhaps the most impact on reputation because it reinforces the fact that many others have a negative idea about you or your business. I can help repair these suggestions.

Your online reputation is the most important currency of the 21st century. Let someone with 20 years of digital marketing experience help you resolve any problems you might be experiencing.

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