5 Signs You Need to Hire an Online Reputation Expert

Today, a business’ online reputation can have a dramatic impact on their overall growth and success.  Their online reputation is how others get to know them and learn about what they have to offer, so obviously a poor or weak reputation can be detrimental.  Following are five signs that a business needs to hire an online reputation expert:

  • You’d rather spend your time running your business than trying to keep up with the ever-changing rules regarding SEO.  As online reputation experts know, keeping up with the constant and ever-changing rules regarding SEO is a full-time job, but understanding and using them can make a big difference in a business’ online reputation.
  • Your social media pages have hundreds of fans that fall outside your target audience.  It takes carefully designed and effectively delivered social campaigns to draw the attention one wants from their target audience, but this can help to generate word of mouth, website visits and boost a website’s SEO.
  • Your website hasn’t been updated in quite some time, and you don’t really want to consider what it would mean to do so.  It’s true that having some sort of positive online presence is better than having no online presence at all.  However, you also need a website that is properly designed and routinely updated so that it will function well for users, giving them the information and answers they need and want.
  • You aren’t using search advertising or you feel that it’s not paying off for you.  Simply paying for search advertising does not automatically mean it will pay off.  This type of advertising needs to be written in such a way that target audience users want to click on the ad, visit the website or call the business.
  • You don’t measure the ROI for your online marketing.  You could spend the time, money and effort on marketing your business the way you feel is most effective, but chances are you don’t have an easy way to track all of the clicks, calls, emails, form submissions, hot leads, long-term leads, customers, repeat customers and other information that will help you to fine-tune and perfect your marketing strategy.

    Hiring an online reputation expert can allow you to focus on running your business and delivering high-quality services and products to your clients and customers.


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