Online Reputation Management Industry Cannot Manage Their Own Reputation

​Isn’t it ironic that the ORM industry is having a reputation problem? Quite funny at face value. However, the online reputation management industry is suffering and business is being driven away. No one is winning. Business professionals and firms need ORM services to better their digital footprint but they rather not seek the services because of the reputation their only option has. As a result, the industry and companies that execute ORM strategies with integrity are suffering. Firms like Reputation Defender,, and Reputation X have completely ruined the online reputation management industry’s image. These firms had the majority of the market share at one point. However with the increase in clientele, the quality of their services decrease dramatically. Some ORM Experts believe that these companies are using “black hat” tactics to cope with the influx of clientele. Unfortunately, those tactics mask real results. Industry clients began writing bad reviews about these companies and soon enough, those reviews became the image for the whole industry.
It is up to smaller firms and experts to give hope back to their market. Individuals are trying to seek other reputation management solutions like litigation, suing, and the law. Especially with the rise of digital extortion and digital defamation, Internet users and business professional are desperate. Despite the demand for digital justice, the courts are turning away many people because they simply do not want to deal with those cases. They are hard to determine because there are so many factors and possible outcomes. As a result, victims and ORM seekers are on their own; or think that they are.
When seeking ORM services, it is important that consumers ask the following simple questions. Not only will this force the ORM provider to be transparent, it will ensure that you do not get screwed over with strategies that will harm your online reputation.
1. What strategies do you use? If they mention outsourcing or are “wishy-washy” with their response, they are likely outsourcing the work.
2.What is the timeline? If they say anything less than 6 months, they are outsourcing the work. Internalized ORM strategies take time due to the amount of labor required.
3. Can you provide me with a testimonial? Preferably, you should be able to speak to someone who has had success with this ORM provider. Additionally, you should be able to ask them any question you want, with or without the observance of the provider. This will prove that they have had success with their strategy, they are willing to put themselves on the line to prove their track record, credibility, and accountability.

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